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In this day and age pretty much any activity we undertake on a daily basis involves some sort of electrical appliance being used. We are essentially all wired up! That is why going a couple of hours without electricity in our homes may feel like slipping into a dark age for a period of time. Of course, we don’t only use electricity for leisure and relaxing. Most people’s jobs also depend on having access to proper electricity services. Yet, there are very few professionals that know how to properly

fix electrical issues. Worst yet, trying to fix some issues yourself could have disastrous consequences if you don’t follow proper safety protocol. To avoid all of this you can always call an electrician Pasadena ca just so happen to be home to the best of them at Pasadena CA Electricians!

At Pasadena CA Electricians we are a company that has been providing its services to residents of Pasadena and other cities all over L.A. county for years. We understand the importance of electrical appliances in everyday life. That is why strive to provide quick and efficient services to our clients. To ensure that they can go back to their everyday business as quickly as possible after experiencing an electrical issue. We can take on complex installation and wiring projects as well as simple fixes and we will always treat them with the same professional demeanor that has been our calling card through the years!

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The short answer would be to say that we can take care of any and all electrical projects. That wouldn't be a wrong answer, but we can afford to get more specific. We can take on installations of all types of electrical appliances, handle lighting issues and we even have a specialized service to take care of emergency situations. If you are experiencing any form of electrical issue or are thinking of buying new electrical appliances we can help!

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Emergency Services

Electricity is not something that should be handled by people who are not fully certified to do so. Both for their own safety and for the safety of those around them. If you are need of an emergency fix to an electrical appliance or have been inexplicably without power for a number of hours give us a call. We will deploy a team of electricians to your location to evaluate your current predicament. We can then proceed to fix the issue in the quickest way possible to let you get back to business as usual!

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When building a new home or moving into a new office you may need a lot of things wired up! We can help you get all of the wires in the right places to make sure that when you plug anything in it will work properly. We can come in and work along construction crews if need be. Our guys have been known to be great team players, all in favor of giving you the best service available.

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Panel Upgrades

As we’ve said the amount of electrical appliances that are used within any type of building these days has more than doubled compared to the number that was used over twenty or thirty years ago. Yet, many electrical panels still in use today date back more than 20 or 30 years. To make sure that you are getting an efficient flow of electricity in your property you may want your panel upgraded. This can help save you some money on your electricity bill as well!

I tried to install my home theater system on my own. After all, at the store they made it sound super easy. After hours of battling with wires, I couldn’t get it up and running properly. I gave the guys at Pasadena CA Electricians a call, and you can say they came they saw and they conquered! I am enjoying my new home theater as we speak! - Mike R

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I wanted to install speakers around my backyard but had no idea where to begin. I called Pasadena CA Electricians and they gave me tips on what system to buy and how it could perfectly fit my backyard. They literally took care of everything for me! Thanks, guys! - Julie E

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I constantly use the folks at Pasadena CA Electricians to help me install electrical appliances at home and keep my business running smoothly. When I call I know that I am going to get great customer service and a team of pros is going to come in and help me out! I highly recommend them to anyone who asks. - Steven A

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Surge Protection

Some electrical equipment is not only very expensive, but absolutely essential to keep your business running, or even your home. You may not want to have them connected directly to an open current. As they could be exposed to variations in the current that could ruin them. In those cases, you may want to install surge protection devices. Some equipment requires surge protection devices that are a little more sophisticated than the ones you can buy at any store. In those cases, we can help you set up an electrical system that will keep your devices safe.

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Proper lighting at times may be more of a necessity than a luxury. Whether you are looking to set up an awesome lighting system around the perimeter of your home to make it stand out at night, or you are looking to do the same for safety issues in your business we can help. These systems should not forcefully spike your electric bill to new heights. To ensure yourself that this doesn’t happen you can seek help from a top Pasadena electrician!

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Looking to buy a new home theater set, or want speakers installed in your backyard? These can be a great asset to your parties or family bonding days if they are installed correctly! From you relaxing and leisure to installations that make sure you can keep your business up and running properly we’ve got you covered. Not everything you buy at an electronics store can be plugged in and played. The problem is though sometimes no one tells you that until it’s too late! Get a professional to tend to your installation needs so you won’t have to go back to the store and ask for a refund!

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