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At Pasadena CA Electricians we want to make sure that when you come to the question of, “Who can I call to come and fix an electrical problem?” you can answer it by calling us! Our customer services agents will make sure to begin helping you solve your issue even before we get there. They will ask you some general questions to try and get an idea of exactly what your problem or doubt is. At times we can actually help you fix things over the phone for free! Of course, though we will always try and send a team to your location as soon as we can.

Around this part of southern California, there is plenty of water! As we are sure most of you know water and electricity aren’t a combo that you are going to want to come into contact with too often. Every year many people get injured trying to fix electrical problems with their pool systems or bathrooms. We want to help you stay safe above all else. By calling us you are automatically making a decision that will keep you and your family safer. Plus, wires can be downright confusing. For some people getting through an installation can seem as tough as defusing a bomb. There is no reason to spend your downtime working. Call or contact us today and we will make sure to get our crew to pay you a visit and straighten things out so you can get back to enjoying yourself!

Pasadena, CA