Emergency Services

This is a picture of an emergency services.

You are swamped with work, trying to get all of the orders out on time when all of a sudden the power goes out! You look at the window only to find that you are the only venue in sight, that is in the dark. This can lead you to quickly realize that the issue you have is coming from within. The orders are not going to be able to be shipped out and you're going to have two problems on your hands. Angry customers and a power outage that you have no idea what exactly it was that caused it! That is why at Pasadena CA Electricians we offer emergency and wiring services. We can get one of our certified electricians to you and help you out within the hour!

Power Outages

A power outage is usually a result of a combination of factors. If there is a blackout in your entire area this usually means that you need to contact whoever your electricity provider is, or even the city. They will be able to let you know what may be causing the issue and tell you how long it will be until your power is back on. If your situation is similar to the one we have just described in the introduction then call us immediately!

Quick Installations

Do you need an electrical appliance installed quickly to help you with work or things around the house? We can help by coming in and getting it all set up so that you can start using your new appliances and “toys”. This may not seem like a life or death emergency, but we understand how important certain events or things may be that you will need to call in an electrician immediately to get everything set up!

Is An Electrical Appliance Giving Off Electrical Discharges?

With so many electrical appliances around the house, chances are one may malfunction from time to time. That is not necessarily an issue that would require immediate assistance, but if sparks are flying and there is smoke coming out of it then you obviously have a real problem on your hands. We don’t need to remind you that most of the houses in southern California are made of wood and how flammable wood is! One spark can really start a big problem! The same goes for electrical appliances malfunctioning near water. If you have something that seems to be not working properly in your pool or shower call or contact us quickly. This could be a very serious issue.

Are You Available 24/7?

We have customer service agents standing by to help you with any need that may present itself! We can quickly gear a team up to head out to your location and asses the issue. Our emergency won’t necessarily be a lot more costly than a normal service. We try to do this to make sure that you won’t risk not calling just because it may be a little more expensive.

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