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Do you have a lighting project in mind? Maybe you want to set up lights around your home to be able to get your house looking great at night. We have also gotten clients that want us to light up an entire building! Others have grown tired of getting a huge electric bill in the mail. If you have not updated your lights for years the problem could be that the older systems are using a lot more power than new ones would. This could make setting up new lights systems an investment that will pay its dividends immediately. How would setting up a new lighting system work with us? We will break it down for you quickly!

First Meeting & Reconnaissance

When you call or contact us one of our customer service representatives will set up an appointment and one or team of our electricians will be sent out to meet you. In the first meeting, you can discuss your ideas with our team of professionals and get their immediate feedback. With your ideas in mind, our guys will inspect your home or building to come up with a plan that will be presented at a later date. Primarily this will be done to see what the existing lighting system look like and how it can be used to help the one. If your property is still under construction we can work together with your contractors to having an easier go in the installation process.

Develop & Present A Plan

After we meet we will head to the drawing to try and match your ideas with a viable plan to set up your lighting system just the way that you want it. After we deliberate amongst ourselves and come up with a plan we will then present an initial blueprint of the plan to you. From there we hope that just minor tweaks are required to get everything set up just the way that you had it drawn up in the first place.

Installation & Tests

After the plan is approved we will then set a date to begin the installation process. If it is a pretty small project using pre-existing wiring and connectors this process can be relatively fast. As we will show up with all of the equipment that you have pre-approved at the earlier meetings and get right to work. If it is a large scale project like installing a lighting system all throughout a building that we can break down this process into certain areas per day. The idea is that we can get through the whole installation process and tests as quickly as possible so you can get to enjoying your new lights!

Warranty & Maintenance

There are two warranties that you will most likely receive when we perform one of these services. One comes from us, and it covers the entire installation. The other will come from each manufacturer of the individual lights that were placed! We will make sure to keep everything crystal clear for you to confidently call us if you have any issues down the road!

Pasadena, CA