Panel Upgrades

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The distribution board or electric panel among other names that it’s called by is the heart and soul of your home or business’ entire power grid. It helps regulate the electricity coming in and channels it to the areas of the property that need it at that particular time. Just like a lot of the things we install or fix it can need some upgrades over time. As we’ve constantly the amount of electricity that we consume these days is way more than what we used to consume twenty, thirty, or even forty years ago. Why is this relevant? Well, some of the homes around Pasadena and surrounding cities were built at least a couple of decades ago. Your new electrical equipment could have a hard time getting enough power from your old 60 amp panel. In these cases, we can just go ahead and install a 100 amp panel in its place to make sure that you will always get the power that you need!

Home Inspection & Estimate

Installing a new panel isn’t exactly the right fit for everybody. That is why before we even recommend that you upgrade your electric panel a team of the best electricians Pasadena ca, has to offer will inspect your home and asses your current situation. If we then feel that your home may be a good candidate for a panel upgrade we will then present you with various options on what we could do for you. Call or contact us today to get our electricians to solve your power and surge protection issues today!

Commercial Grade Electric Panels 

If a home these days cannot get enough power from a 60 amp panel how do you think it is going to power up a business? We know that sometimes people rent or buy former houses and turn them into their office building or company headquarters. That may sound like a good option financially, but if you try to run a business that will require that a lot of machines are powered up at once, even if it is just a bunch of laptops, on an electric panel suited for home use you could be in some trouble. For one, you will never get the performance you are probably looking for and you are bound to get multiple power outages. In these cases, we can actually help by rerouting a lot of the power. We may even need to install two electrical panels in the building. If you are going to turn a home into an office call or contact us so we can make sure that you are going to have the power you need to work properly!

Why Upgrade?

Some people we have come into help after the estimate we give them decide not to upgrade their panel. We head back to base and leave them to their business. Months go by and we get called back in after they have experienced a major power outage. By then some of the circuits and wiring are fried and some of their electrical appliances are as well. Sometimes they don’t upgrade and nothing happens, all we can say is why risk it?

Call or Contact Us Today

If you have been experiencing loss of power recently and you see the lights flicker every time you power your tv up then you may need a panel upgrade. Act now and call or contact us before things start getting fried inside!

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