Surge Protection

This is a picture of a surge protection.

Surge protectors are devices that can be installed either near or on a circuit breaker panel so that they can regulate the current and make sure that your electrical appliances are not taking on peaks in the current directly. These ups and downs in the current can damage your electrical appliances and ultimately cause them to break down. You can actually get surge protection from items like a power bar that you can connect multiple devices too. That is not as much protection as you are going to get through. If you need to connect very delicate devices to the current your best bet is to use some sort of surge protection!

Surge Protection Devices

We’ve mentioned the fact that these devices can be mounted on circuit breaker panels and help protect your devices that are connected to the current. These devices are a little more complex than a regular power bar and therefore more efficient. These are very typical residents of office buildings where many computers are connected to the current all at once. They can also be a great asset for homes. Especially if you a lot of devices set up like video game consoles and home entertainment systems that can be very susceptible to variations in the current.

Power Bars

These are pretty simple devices that you can just plug in directly to the connection on your wall. Then you can start connecting multiple devices on the bar. We can help you determine where the best place in your home is to connect these devices. At the time if you have wiring issues you won’t get the same amount of power from all of your connectors at home. This can also help us determine if you may be experiencing another electrical problem and lighting that may be causing the loss of power.

European Socket Adaptors

At times the toughest thing we have to do when we travel overseas is to make sure that we take regulators with us on the trip to make sure that we can charge our mobile devices while on vacation. If you happen to have brought an electronic device back with you then you will need to basically permanently attach it to an adaptor make sure that it works properly. That being said those cheap current converters as they call them at the airport will inevitably fail at one point or another and take your electronic device down with them, or render it useless since you can’t charge it anymore. We can come in and help you adapt all of your European devices to the American current.

Response Time      

Sometimes people will call us up because even with a surge protection device or power bar their devices are having problems with the current. The reality is that all surge protection devices have a lag in response time. This means that when there is a surge in the current they may take a couple of milliseconds to respond to it. This will leave your device exposed for a couple of milliseconds. Overtime as the surge protector wears down it will have a slower response time leaving your device exposed for longer. We can come in and upgrade them to make sure that you are still getting maximum protection.

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